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Welcome to SDS Technologies!

Based at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, SDS is successfully striving to provide solutions for energy and water system management under one roof!

SDS wishes to be your single point source for solutions on:

  • Electrical Power Distribution & Control
  • Power Backup Systems - UPS, Batteries, Inverters
  • Alternative Energy Sources - Solar lighting, Modules, Solar Batteries
  • Water treatment Equipment, Chemicals, Installations
  • Transformer Oil Testing & Filtration Services
  • AND Consultancy Services

Our Mission

Strive towards creating a cleaner, healthier Planet Earth, with a keen eye on changing energy scenario, SDS Technologies Ltd., aims to provide Resource Management Solutions that are cost effective and environment friendly to support Sustainable Growth hence Value for Money.

Energy Scenario and Sustainable Growth

With increasing development and population load, the excessive use of Energy and Water has put very heavy load on natural resources by depleting sources of fossil fuels and climate change. This has not only resulted in an ever increasing resource crunch and increasing costs but also has put extreme load on the environment in form of pollution tending to make the growth unsustainable in its present form.

To continue Growing Sustainably there is a serious need to Conserve Resources especially Energy and Water and evolve & promote techniques to use renewable energy sources as alternative supplements.

To achieve this new technology in form of equipment and working techniques is being evolved continuously and put to application. SDS has put efforts on its part in a humble manner to contribute to growing sustainably by adopting and promoting technology and techniques that support Resource Conservation.

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